​At Richland IFC, we are dedicated to working with growers through relationships based on longevity and mutual benefits to you, the food manufacturer and consumer.

We can help you create a food grade farm that is profitable and rewarding for years to come, because we recognize the value to your business and the benefits to customers around the world.

Our management team at Richland has over 100 years of combined experience devoted to food grade crop production, processing, and international marketing. We are committed to creating a long-lasting, rewarding and profitable relationship with producers like you.


“They offer an attractive price and have been willing to work with me on timing of delivery and tailoring deliveries to fit when I need the cash flow the most. They are willing to tailor a plan, such as seed choices, seed supply, delivery of seed and pick up of our production directly on the farm, which equals less stress for me,”

Steve Rupp, Edgeley, North Dakota
3rd Generation farmer, since 1979

“The staff at Richland IFC is very helpful. You can move into it gradually as you see those growing signs of possibility and profitability,”

Brett Johnson, BDR Farms. Mooreton, North Dakota
Family Farm with over 25 year of experience

“I want to produce the best quality food grade soybeans possible with greatest amount of ease, and Richland IFC seeds allows me do that.”

Pete Haugen, Portland ND
90% of Crops raised by Pete are Food Grade